We're Specialist Builder's Cleaners

Our bread and butter is the residential pre-handover builder’s clean. We provide peace of mind for both you and the new homeowner.

We look different because we are.

We all wear the same branded uniform, because we are a team and PPE is mandatory. Our vehicles are branded because we are proud to be part of our team.

We operate differently.

Our app based systems are designed to produce the best outcome. If there’s an issue a team member will photograph it and notify their team leader instantly. This way you don’t get any nasty surprises on the day of handover.

We provide floor signs for completed areas to encourage other trades to be respectful.

Once the work is completed, we will get your signature right there in the app so that the next tradesperson to make a mess can be held accountable.

Purpose built tools and equipment

We carry the right equipment so we don’t have to leave your site. Our chemicals are selected to provide the best results. We remove efflorescence and other harsh discolouration because it’s all a part of the job.

The new homeowner can then move in straight away and do their walk through without any nasty surprises.

What We Clean

Our professional cleaning ensures every surface is spotless.

Get A Price Estimate

Do you know your cleaners are lowering the value of your handover?

For the most part your project runs very well. Your trades perform as they should and everything runs on time. You probably also dread the final stages because it’s time to find a cleaner and they almost always let you down. It’s a fact that the client will pick up on the smallest issues during the handover. Successful handovers rely on experienced cleaners who know what the client is looking for.

Just once, wouldn’t you like to handover your latest project with confidence?

What if there was a way to know for sure that your builders cleans are completed properly the first time. What if there was a team that had the specialized expertise and actually know what needs to be done before handover. And what if these services didn’t cost a million dollars? You would have to consider their proposal wouldn’t you?

Maybe it seems easy enough for anyone to do, but our experience tells us something different.

Builders cleans and ultimately successful handovers start with an understanding of what actually needs to be done. There are cleaners out there today that might say they know how to clean but when you stop and think about it, is cleaning an office or domestic house really the same?

We don’t waste time on anything else.

Our team is solely trained in the construction industry. We don’t clean anything else. Our equipment is heavy duty. Our vehicles are packed with the right tools. We don’t need to leave until it’s complete.